What is CGMax

CGMax is an application which is capable of delivering quality graphics, text, animation, and logo overlay on live production mixes.Which we called a character generator
This product is a character generating tool for the Blackmagic DeckLink card series. This software makes use of the features of the Blackmagic Design DeckLink Card to bring live Character and animation generating overlay.

This has new features like embedding " gif "animations into the real video,embedding Flash animations into the video and connet to a ODBC connection and displaying results real time

Our product CGMax. check out...


Watch the two videos.These videos describe how CGMax is used and its results. CGMax is a software that overlay characters and animations on the video on the fly.

Video with superimposed characters and animations

Monday, January 28, 2008


Our Team

Manoj Dhanushka

Thilani Abeysinghe

Sandun Weerasinghe

Wikum Dinalankara


Dr. Chathura De Silva

(Senior lecturer- computer science and Engineering University of Moratuwa )


Mr. Shantha Fernando

(Senior lecturer- computer science and Engineering University of Moratuwa )

Special Thanks

Mr. Sanjaya Sooriyarachchi

Mr. Shashi Nilan

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We are undergraduates of Computer science and Engineering University of Moratuwa.
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